Android Application for Nearby Overdose Response

A SENG 499 Project
Supervised by Dr.Jens Weber and Dr.Morgan Price

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App Overview

This app allows for requesters to call for help from nearby responders


A responder will recieve a notification when a nearby responder asks for help using the app


A requester waits for accepting responders to arrive using a map interface with directions

User Features

Users can register to be a responder: someone who carries a naloxone kit or has first aid training
or can access the app as a requester: a spotter or user who is involved an overdose emergency.



No Registration

To expediate the assistance process requesters can call for help with just one click


Request Help

Requestors can ask for help. This will alert nearby Responders and also message the local authorities


View Responder Info

Once the alerts propogate out to the responders, requestors can see how many are on their way


Get Information

Requestors that are spotters can view life-saving information while waiting for a naloxone kit to arrive.



Easy Registration

Responders can register with just their phone number and can start receiving alerts immediately


Be Notified

Responders will be notified when an overdose emergency is happening; the app will notify the closest responders first



Once confirming they are avaliable, responders will be given a map view to find the requester


Get Information

Responders can view life-saving information while on their way to the requester

The App

Some in-app pictures of AntiDose

Graeme Bates


Tanner Zinck


Jordan Vlieg


Heather Cape


Jake Cooper


Geoff Lorne